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HBF Run for a Reason Brooks Pacers

Keep up the pace with our Brooks Pacers

Let our pacers help you get to the finish line and achieve your PB in the Snap Fitness Half Marathon. No pre-registration necessary, simply meet up with your pacers at the start line.

Top 5 Tips to Best Use Your Pacers

To anyone taking part in the Snap Fitness Half Marathon, a Brooks Pacers is a bit like an old friend – in it for the long haul and always there when it counts.

Brooks Pacers are an experienced group of runners than run the half marathon at a designated pace and hold that pace for the duration of the event.

If you have a specific (and achievable) goal in mind then using a pacer is a great way of hitting your target, planning your race or beating that PB you’ve been chasing.

1. Pick your pace.

Work out what pace you need to run at to achieve your goal, find the corresponding pacer then stick with them for the race.

“So if your goal is to run under an hour 45 mins, then you’ll need to run with the 5min/km pacer for most of the way” says Dave.

Pace Goal Time
4:00 min/km 1:24:00
4:30 min/km 1:34:00
5:00 min/km 1:45:00
5:30 min/km 1:56:00
6:00 min/km 2:06:00
6:30 min/km 2:17:00
7:00 min/km 2:27:00

2. Use the pacers to help with your race plan

If you plan to run a faster last 10km than your first 11.1km, you might choose to run with a pacer for the first half of the race, then leave them for dead in the second half. “Remember, it’s your race so you choose how you run it!”

3. Work within your limitations

Choose a pace that you can manage based on your training and fitness levels. You should have run at least 14km at your goal pace before race day. Dave says, “If things aren’t going to plan and you need to slow down the pace, or even walk for a bit, it’s best to do this and finish the race in your own time. And by the same token, if you’re feeling really great late in the race, feel free to burn off on your pacer.”

4. Be friendly

Pacers are people too – feel free to have a chat to them along the way.

5. Factor in the last 100m

A half marathon is 21.1km. Make sure you factor this last 100m into your calculations and allow time to hit your goal!